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Why use Artifex Techsys PCB CAM services?

Changing global demand patterns mean that most fabricators need to handle a larger number of smaller orders on shorter deliveries. Artifex Techsys support services can help you tackle potential CAM bottlenecks.

Artifex Techsys Core CAM Competencies

  • Experienced CAM engineers
  • Artifex TechSys has a team of experienced CAM engineers, available 24X7. Our Contract service gives you own CAM department in India – whatever size you need.

  • Expertize in all latest market leading CAM Tools.

    Artifex TechSys engineers have hands on experience in UCAM,Integr8tor, Genesis2000,CAM-350,CAM Master,ParCAM,Adam etc..

  • Overnight Data Preparation.
  • Artifex Techsys offer overnight delivery for USA and Europe – and 4 hour delivery for major panics.

  • On Demand Delivery when-ever where-ever
  • Artifex Techsys On Demand CAM service provides extra capacity whenever you need it for demand peaks or to cover for holidays.

  • Unbeatlable CAM functionality
  • Outsource problem jobs to us or let our engineers develop new solutions for your in-house systems.

  • Process Automation and Scripting
  • Artifex TechSys expertize in Java Hypertool development for Ucam, Advanced scripting for Integr8tor,
    Perl TK and C-Shell Scripting for Genesis2000, VB programming for CAM 350 etc.

Typical Solution for Pre Production Process

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